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Her Light series (2014-2016), Muss recovers rusted hospital stretchers, metal and wood doors from construction structures and intervenes them with painting, photographs, nails and ultimately, words displayed on neon lights such as MAMA, OH MY GOD, HELP, BEAUTIFUL, etc. Neon in her work is an element that brings us back to our present, as a contemporary reminder of our current times. Also, her use of neon likely stems from the immediate thought that arises from every act association with the intervention of the doors, emulating, in parallel, the unconscious and the surrealistic processes of free association.

Making sense of the world we live in by employing already-made resources is one of the starting points strategies that Muss departs from her approach to assemblages. In her studio, like in a recycling warehouse, one can find not only construction debris but all kinds of materials from the natural world: shells, seeds, dried algae, autumn leaves, all piled up into their own categories. These are the diverse mediums that Muss incorporates into her creations, each one hinting at a new narrative: marine life, woods and human, in coexistence.